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Santa Clause

Santa Clause makes the best movie star. Santa movies are perfect for families, children, and couples to inspire holiday spirit and warmth. Not only this—but dozens of them are excellent movies, and all of them put a different spin on the joyful, lovable king of Christmas spirit, cookies, and gifts, Santa Claus. Here are a few:

the Santa Clause movie

  • The Santa Clause: Tim Allen paints a hilariously superb, touching, sometimes pitiful picture of Saint Nick. First, the main character of the film accidentally…well, kills…Santa. Then, he finds himself becoming Santa. Finally it becomes clear that despite all odds, awkwardness, and risks, he has to either accomplish the task of delivering gifts to children all over the world in Santa’s place, or disappoint every family on earth. This movie was so popular that it inspired a sequel in which Santa needs to find a wife to help him manage his operation (the Santa Clause 2) and one more in which Jack Frost tries to take over Christmas (Santa Claus 3) co-starring Martin Short. These sequels are still as widely watched as the original every holiday season.
  • Santa Claus the Movie: This must-see comedy explains how Claus became Santa and then explores a small scandal involving and elf, an evil toy executive, and Santa. Claus (David Huddleston) and his wife discover that the destiny of Claus is to deliver toys to children everywhere. After an unfortunate mishap, Claus’ assistant elf Patch (Moore) quits and moves to New York City where he meets a sneaky toy executive (John Lithgow). The evil businessman uses Patch in his attempts to eliminate Santa Claus forever.
  • Fred Claus : Another film that portrays Santa in childhood, the focus of this comedy is Santa’s older, and less benevolent, brother Fred. From a very early age, Fred becomes resentful of Santa for undermining him—unintentionally, of course. Fred becomes a cynical driver for repossessed items, while Santa becomes one of the world’s favorite jolly toymakers and deliverers. Fred sabotages Santa’s North Pole operation, which may cause auditor Clyde Northcutt to shut down the Christmas Eve toy delivery completely.
  • Bad Santa: In one of the darker portrayals of Santa, a department store Santa and elf set up shop to rob a shopping center blind. Alcoholic Willie (Billy Bob Thorton) works as Santa accompanied by his partner in crime posing as his “elf,” little person Marcus (Tony Cox). Their get-rich-quick scheme is thwarted by a lonely, overweight child, and a pretty bartender Sue to whom Willie becomes unexpectedly attached.

Santa movies are the funnest for children, and they inspire adults with the magic of the holiday season as well. One doesn’t need to see Santa to feel inspired by him, but watching a great portrayal of St. Nick in a movie can certainly get a family or couple laughing and reminiscing about warm holiday memories.