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The Santa Clause 3

In Santa Claus 3, the North Pole and its holiday operation by Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) is threatened by the evil Jack Frost (Martin Short) who aims to take over Christmas. In the first film, Allen becomes the new Santa. In the second, he has to find a wife. And now, he battles to save Christmas from a winter villain.

Tim Allen Santa Clause 3

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Need a recap? There are a lot of Santa Claus movies…So read here to recall Scott Calvin’s adventures in the first two versions of this great series:

In The Santa Clause Scott Calvin works as an advertising executive. He is divorced and has a son, Charlie (played by Eric Lloyd). After Santa is knocked unconscious at his home, Scott and his son complete the toy delivery, and returns the sled to the North Pole only to learn that he is expected to be Santa’s replacement.

In The Santa Clause 2, Scott is celebrated as the best Claus ever. However, his son is on the naughty list, and the job of being Santa gets more and more chaotic. With no love life whatsoever, Scott learns that he has to find a suitable wife or give up his role as Santa forever.

Each of these Christmas films is funny and touching. The Santa Clause 3 is no exception! It’s a hilarious, action-packed sequel. Kids and adults alike will love the humor and classic storyline.