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    Elf with Will Ferrell
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  • Love Actually
    Love Actually
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    Christmas Carol (2009)
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    Miracle on 34th Street

Love Actually

Love Actually stars Hugh Grant, Liam Neelson, Colin Firth, and Laura Linney. The new Prime Minister of England (Hugh Grant) is a dashing young single man named David who falls in love with Natalie, the catering manager of his team. Follow their story in one of the top Christmas movies of this generation.

Love Actually movie
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Other stories in the mix include a couple who meets on the set of a racy film. A father and husband married for many years meets a young vixen. Another young lady grapples to fit romance into her life full of daily obligations as she obligates herself to care for her brother with disabilities. A young couple live together while a mutual friend secretly struggles with his feelings for the girl. Follow these and other stories, enjoy the superb soundtrack, and learn which couples find and which couples lose love by the end of this uplifting, hilarious, meaningful holiday movie. Need to see it right now? Find Love Actually streaming video here. This is a favorite holiday movie for couples, singles, and families.