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Home Alone

Home Alone is one of the most popular movies of all time, and certainly on the list of best Christmas movies. The movie was so well-loved that it is still one of the most popular holiday films, and it inspired sequels. The sequels, particularly the second film, also did very well at the box office and are watched every year by countless audiences in the US and abroad:

Home Alone 1: In the original film, an adorable, mischevious Kevin McCallister (played by Macaulay Culkin) is accidentally left at home by himself when his family takes a holiday trip to France. By the time his parents realize they forgot Kevin, burglars have already targeted the home. Little did the robbers know that the home is still occupied! The crooks endure trap after trap, making audiences laugh aloud, adults and children alike. Definitely a fun family holiday movie. (Can’t wait to get the DVD or blu-ray? Watch home alone online now!)

Home Alone 2: In the wildly popular sequenl, the McAllister family takes a holiday vacation to Miami, Florida, but Kevin gets separated mid-trip and ends up by himself in New York City!

Home alone 3: This storyline revolves not around Kevin, but on another little boy named Alex Pruitt who is at home with the chicken pox!

Home Alone 4: Kevin is back (but the cast is all new). His parents are now divorced, and Kevin spends Christmas with his father, but ends up again in trouble with the burglars from the original film (also played by new cast members).

Watch one or all of these great movies. Simply a must-see for anyone who has never seen these holiday classics. You will laugh, cry, worry, and feel relieved as Kevin holds his own.