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    Christmas Carol (2009)
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    Miracle on 34th Street

Home Alone 2

In Home Alone 2, the family takes a holiday vacation to Miami, Florida, but Kevin gets separated mid-trip and ends up by himself in New York City! As the McAllister family rushes at the airport, they are at risk of missing their flight. Confusion at the separates Kevin from his family…they go to Miami, but he heads to New York—alone again!

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Kevin ends up with a luxury suite at the Plaza and visit some of New York’s finest stores and sites; however, he is soon reunited with the Wet Bandits Harry Lime and Marv Merchants. These are the burglars from Home Alone 1 who escaped from prison. They’ve come to New York to rob Duncan’t Toy Chest. Kevin sets up shop in his uncle Rob’s townhouse and uses equipment inside to defeat the Wet Bandits once and for all.