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    Elf with Will Ferrell
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Elf the Movie

Elf was released in 2003 and to this day is one of the best Christmas movies ever. Before the release, few would ever guess that an elf movie could be this funny and touching at the same time. When Santa (Edward Asner) makes one of his Christmas Eve stops, a little baby named Buddy (Will Ferrell) crawls into Santa’s bag of presents.

Elf the movie

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He ends up back at Santa’s home in the North Pole and is adopted by Papa Elf (Bob Newhart). Buddy senses something is wrong, and finally  decides to go to New York and find his real father (James Caan). When he gets there, his father, a high level publishing executive, initially rejects the elf’s story. When his new wife (Mary Steenburgen) meets Buddy, she insists that they take him in. He gets a job at a department store where he meets Jovie (Zooey Deschanel) and the two perform a beautiful, yet hilarious, duet in the women’s restroom. None of these New Yorkers is quite ready for all of the chaos that Buddy is going to cause at meal times, this workplace, and of course, at his father’s workplace. This elf film is one families can watch year after year for laughs and fun.