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The Santa Clause 2

In The Santa Clause 2, Scott Calvin has an unmanageable situation. His job as Santa is getting increasingly more difficult and hectic. His son is on the naughty list. He has no time (or charisma) for dating; yet, Scott realizes that he will have to find a suitable wife or lose his job as Santa.

Tim Allen Santa Clause 2

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Need a recap? In The Santa Clause movie the original, Scott Calvin (played by Tim Allen) is the divorced father of a young child. Scott works in advertising. On Christmas Eve, Santa falls off Scott’s roof and is knocked unconscious. Scott completes the night’s toy delivery with his son, but when they return to the North Pole, they learn that Scott is expected to become the new Santa.

The Santa Clause 3

In Santa Claus 3, the North Pole and its holiday operation by Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) is threatened by the evil Jack Frost (Martin Short) who aims to take over Christmas. In the first film, Allen becomes the new Santa. In the second, he has to find a wife. And now, he battles to save Christmas from a winter villain.

Tim Allen Santa Clause 3

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Need a recap? There are a lot of Santa Claus movies…So read here to recall Scott Calvin’s adventures in the first two versions of this great series:

In The Santa Clause Scott Calvin works as an advertising executive. He is divorced and has a son, Charlie (played by Eric Lloyd). After Santa is knocked unconscious at his home, Scott and his son complete the toy delivery, and returns the sled to the North Pole only to learn that he is expected to be Santa’s replacement.

In The Santa Clause 2, Scott is celebrated as the best Claus ever. However, his son is on the naughty list, and the job of being Santa gets more and more chaotic. With no love life whatsoever, Scott learns that he has to find a suitable wife or give up his role as Santa forever.

Each of these Christmas films is funny and touching. The Santa Clause 3 is no exception! It’s a hilarious, action-packed sequel. Kids and adults alike will love the humor and classic storyline.

UK Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol the movie was released in the UK in 1951 starring Alastair Sim,  Kathleen Harrison, Jack Warner, and others. There was at least one earlier version made in 1938. (Many more recent versions have been made including Christmas Carol 2009 with Scrooge as Jim Carrey.)

A Christmas Carol UK movie

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The film was titled Scrooge starring Alastair Sim as Ebenezer Scrooge. Iin the UK and became an instant hit. In the US, the movie was re-released and titled A Christmas Carol. Its premier was intended to take place at the New York City’s Radio City Music Hall, but it was determined that the film was too gloomy, so it opened at the Guild Theatre instead in November, 1951. It received mixed reviews and generally was not a great box office success.

The movie nevertheless became a yearly Christmas Eve tradition by the 1960s due to the New York local station WCBS-TV Channel 2. The film was shown in two or three times back to back during the late night hours of Christmas Eve. Finally, in the 1970’s the movie became popular in the US when it was shown on local PBS and NET stations.

US Christmas Carol 2009

Christmas Carol 2009 stars Jim Carrey, Gary Oldman, Colin Firth, and Steve Valentine in a new version of Dickens’ classic story. This rendition of A Christmas Carol displays the remarkable 3D special effects that Robert Zemeckis used in Polar Express.  Plus, Carrey makes the self-centered Scrooge more unforgettable than ever.

Christmas Carol Jim Carrey

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As in other versions of the classic story, Ebenezer Scrooge, a rich, miserly businessman is visited by a dead colleague’s ghost. The spirit takes Scrooge to observe events in the past, present, and future. These scenes show Scrooge the extent that his own conflicts and choices harm people around him. Definitely a movie on the list of Christmas movies and favorites.